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Welcome to the
Anchorage Fencing Club


A family-focused Fencing Club and the oldest fencing club in Alaska


We have a new fencing location

Pacific Northen Academy Gymnasium

9251 Lake Otis Parkway

(southeast corner of Lake Otis and Abbott Road)






Parents and youngsters

Homeschooling or off-campus PE classes

All ages welcome



Beginning epee instruction.

The current beginner fencing (foil) class

 began on February 4, 2014


The next beginner's fencing class will be in the fall, and will be announced here


Video of Anchorage Fencing Club Beginner's Class

(click here to view)


  Siblings, couples, entire families

No-cost introductory lessons, and local tournaments

A great workout, and plenty of competitive fun!

Click here to see upcoming fencing competitions in Alaska

AFC Membership Form


New fencing location ... Pacific Northern Academy Gymnasium at Lake Otis and Abbott Road


Club fee structure:

Monthly dues are $30. If paid in advance, it is $300 (no refunds)

Beginning fencing classes are $100, which is an 8-week course.

Private coaching available $15 per half hour

$20 per month for weapon specific groups

$20 per month for conditioning class


Club Schedule:

Tuesdy and Thursday

3:30-5:00 Beginning class / after school program

6:00-7:00 Beginning fencing

6:30-7:00 Foot work and conditioning

7:00-7:30 Weapon specific coaching / small group time (associated fee)

7:00-10:00 Open fencing



10:00-12:00 Conditioning class (associated fee)


All fencers must be members of the USFA in order to fence

All fencers must wear full fencing gear when fencing, except for the beginning class


These requirements are major safety and insurance issues


Class registration form (click here) for the next class

Please bring the form to class on the first session


For the privilege of fencing at PNA, the following fees are required:

USFA annual $5.00 non-competitive or $60 competitive membership (pay online or print form and pay via check


USA Fencing membership at



USA Fencing membership is required by all individual members of USA Fencing Member Clubs that utilize the USA Fencing insurance program. Competitive memberships are required to compete in any USA Fencing sanctioned event. The membership year coincides with the fencing season which occurs between August 1 and the following July 31. All dues are payable on application for membership and thereafter on or before the next membership year begins. Membership duesa re not prorated at any time.


Armorer's Column ... click for photos and discussion


Click for info on classes


The next beginners foil class starts in fall 2014


Anyone interested in the next class please contact us by phone or eMail


Check back here for changes and announcements


AFC Tournament schedule

equipment orders:

The Anchorage Fencing Club receives a discount of as much as 20% on fencing equipment and clothing ordered from Absolute Fencing Gear when the order is placed through the club. The savings to our members can be substantial.

The discounts we receive depend upon the brand of the equipment you order, with the highest discounts applied to the Absolute labels.

Anyone interested in ordering equipment or clothing can provide our club purchasing coordinator with a description of what you need. Payment is made made upon receipt of the equipment. The club receives no benefit from these sales and there is no fee other than the cost.

Unfortunately, we don't have a way to process credit card orders, so your payment will need to be by cash or check.

Please be sure to specify the size, quantity, etc. for each item to make sure you get what you need.

Because these are group orders, it is no problem to order small, single items like a bag of set screws or an epee tip whenever you need it.

We can place orders as often as we want, so you shouldn't have to wait long to receive what you need to keep fencing.

Equipment - Frequently Asked Questions

Location for Club Meetings and Classes



Formal classes last from 7:00-8:00, when a class is in session. Normal bouting activity and individual instruction opportunities last from 7:00-10:00PM each evening.

At AFC, we are always glad to welcome folks to our club, whether you are an experienced fencer, beginner, or just visiting the Anchorage area for a short time.

We offer classes in foil fencing as well as individual instruction in all three weapons. Photos from a Beginners Class are posted here

Beginners Class Photos ... click here

If you are a beginning fencer or are curious about fencing and would like to give it a try, then come on by the club. We have club equipment you can use. You can receive a lesson from one of our coaches, and we can give you the "Everything you ever wanted to know about fencing" speech in about 15 minutes.

General FAQ's

Equipment FAQ's

If you're visiting the Anchorage area for a short time, but left your fencing gear at home, fear not! Just come by the club, suit up with club equipment, select a foil, epee or saber, grab a willing partner and fence the night away.

Fencing as a sport:

Fencing is an excellent way to improve your physical conditioning, flexibility, hand-eye coordination and stamina. The sport is an excellent family activity with almost no age restrictions or other limitations on participation.

The club provides fencing equipment for members, so very little personal investment is needed. All you really need to bring to our fencing classes are simple gym clothes and a positive attitude.

The Anchorage Fencing Club members fence all three weapons: Foil, Epee, and Sabre. Try all three or focus on your weapon of choice.

Fencing hours:

The club meets on:

  • Tuesday evenings 7:00-10:00
  • Thursday evenings 7:00-10:00

New fencing student?

Click here to learn what you need to bring and what to wear. More>>


USFA Member Club


Sentiment du fer

Literally, "Feeling of and through the steel", this French term refers to the basic truth of fencing, which is that your only contact and means of communication with your opponent is through the blade.

It is counterintuitive to consider communication with your opponent as a necessary part of fencing competition.  Our competitive tradition in the United States involves distancing yourself from the opponent, who is perceived as the enemy.  We think that we must separate ourselves from the enemy, and see the enemy as the "other".

Communicating with the enemy in this context is seen as weak and possibly dangerous.  But how else can you get to know your opponent well enough to excel in your own fencing without communicating?  Don't forget, too, that communication can be falsified - you can send conflicting signals through that blade to confuse and feint your opponent.

This is the essence of Sentiment du fer.  It cannot be explained further.  Only experience can teach you what it means and how to use it.  Just be aware of the sensations coming though your weapon from the opponent, and learn to correlate those sensations with what your opponent does in the attack and defense.  Also be mindful of how your action on your opponent's blade may send information about your intentions.  Above all, develop a sense of comradeship with your opponent.  You are communicating out there on the strip, and when the bout is over you will salute, shake hands with and thank an opponent who is also a friend.


The Anchorage Fencing Club always welcomes new members. You can simply show up at a meeting on Tuesday or Thursday evening, or send us an eMail by entering your address below:

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